Per-year Pricing

When purchasing your membership, save 15% by signing up for a year. After your year is up, we'll renew your membership on a month-by-month basis at the same low 15%-off price you've locked in!

Video for each listing

YouTube is a very effective vehicle for advertising listings. Already have an existing YouTube video you wish to add to the presentation? No problem! Need a video? Click a few buttons and we'll create a video slideshow for you - complete with music, listing photos, your logo, your photo and more! We even upload it to YouTube for you and provide you with the link.

  Sign-Rider Texting

The ultimate in instant lead generation! Your sign instructs the potential homebuyer to text a code to a phone number. They get instant property info texted back to them, and you get their phone number! Try it now, use your cell to text 360 to 719.266.2343 and see what happens...

Unlimited Listings!

We don't restrict the number of listings you can add into our system. And your unlimited listings never expire! Nor do we restrict the number of photographs per listing. Tired of just seeing 9 photos? Not a problem here, load 'em all up!

  Brochure Maker

You can make full-color high-quality one-page Flyers for your listing right on our site. It's as easy as choosing the photos you want to use, making a few mouse-clicks - and you're done! Download the result in PDF format, and print away...

Unlimited photos for each listing!

Tired of nine or fifteen photos as the limit? Go crazy with our system. We put no limit on the amount of photos you can upload.

  Vanity URLs!

Distributing links to websites is easy, and who cares really what the URL contains - nobody sees it anyway, right? But what if you use the links in your print marketing? Wouldn't you want those to stand out? Of course. We have a number of eye-catching URLs to choose from like "123MainStreet.IsJustRightFor.Us" or "" and many more!

  Caption your photos

You can add individual captions and descriptions to all or just a few of your photographs. Get as detailed as you wish!

Each listing has its own website!

As soon as you add a new listing into the system, its 'presentation' (single-property website) is ready to use for any and all marketing. It's mobile friendly, too! Send the link to friends, to associates, to potential homebuyers - a dedicated link is available for every single listing you add.

Each listing has its own mobile site!

These days it seems everyone has a smartphone. Don't let the technology leave you behind. We provide you with a mobile presentation for each of your properties. The provided QR Code (scannable by the smartphone) can be used in your print marketing so potential homebuyers can see your listing wherever they are.

  Customize your look

Who wants to look like everyone else? Not you, no doubt! You can choose from many different skins and colors for your presentations. Stand out from the rest!

  QR codes for each listing!

QR codes are showing up everywhere. You know, these are the funny-looking things with black and white squares. Potential homebuyers will scan these with their smartphones and be taken to a mobile website for each listing. You also get a QR code that shows all your current listings. Use these QR codes on all your print marketing and more!

  Automatic MLS synchronization

Are you tired of inputting your data into the MLS, then having to do it all over again on another system? You've got more important things to do, right? With our system, this happens automatically. Our system works with your MLS system and synchronizes the data for you. Every listing you input in the MLS shows up in our system within 8 hours! No more double entry.

Not available in all MLS areas, contact us to make sure it's available for you.

  Live Chat with potential homebuyers

This is the ultimate in live lead generation. What if you knew when people were looking at your properties at the exact moment they were actually looking? Better yet, what if you could chat live with them while they were looking? It's possible, and it's all available - right here, right now!

  Free Email Blasts

Ever wished you could get the word out to a bunch of agents in your MLS area? How can you make your property stand out in their minds from all the rest on the market? Easy! Just use our email blast feature! A few clicks of the mouse and the photos, details, and contact info of your listing appear right in their email box!

  Customizable Presentation Skins

Stand out from the crowd! Why look like everyone else? We've got a number of options for customizing your presentation. Change the look, change the color, change the design - be unique!

  One-click upload

We automatically serve your presentation to the world's most-visited real estate site for FREE. Or you can do it yourself with one click.

  Distribute your presentation

Your presentation link will be automatically distributed to Trulia, Zillow, HotPads, CLR Search, Vast, and all the associated sites they distribute to as well. You can also individually turn on/off distribution to each of these companies.

  Facebook/Twitter integration

It's easy to ditribute your link to the social media sites. We provide a quick and painless method of distributing your presentations to these very popular vehicles.

Craigslist Ad Generator

Let's face it, Craigslist ads can be effective, but they sure are boring. With our ad generator, you can add color and photos and pizazz - simply by copying and pasting our code into the Craigslist site. Couldn't be easier!

  Upload MLS sheets and brochures

You can give your potential homebuyer much more customized information by uploading the entire MLS sheet. And, you can also upload your property flyer/brochure and it'll be downloadable as well. Both of these will appear as links alongside all the others on your presentation.

  Schedule your Statistics Reporting

This is a great way to keep your homesellers happy. Schedule your statistics report to go out each Monday morning automatically. Your seller will be amazed at your ability to keep on top of the game!

  Statistics Reporting

When a potential homebuyer is looking at your presentations, we are tracking every click. We know how they found the site, what pages they are looking at, and where they are actually located on the planet! Our statistics reporting allows you, at any time, to view/print a detailed summary of all this data.

  Add audio to your presentations

We have a large library of music clips that you can use to provide background sound while the potential homebuyer is looking at your presentation. Set just the perfect mood for buying! You can even upload your own music clip if you have a favorite.

    Add your own video

Do you create your own video for your listings? If so, you can input the link in our system and the video will appear as a link in your presentation. Simple and effective!

Manage your presentations links

Occasionally, there's that listing that has an unfavorable Walk Score©. Or the listing that Google Maps just can't seem to find. Rather than having incomplete or ineffective information displayed - you can simply choose to turn those particular links off with the click of a button. Easy, quick customization!

"My Listings" mobile site

We provide you with a QR Code that you can use in your print marketing. When scanned with a smartphone, potential homebuyers are taken to a mobile site that shows all of your current listings!

Add many different property types

We don't limit the type of property you can upload to just the residential ones. You can add Lots and Land, Farms and Ranches, Commercial, and Multi-family. You can even upload properties that you sold as the buyer's agent!

  Property Widgets for your website

Add a property widget to your very own website! This will rotate all your active properties in an eye-catching format. As it scrolls, a potential homebuyer can click on any property that interests them and be taken right to the presentation!

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