• What you can do behind the scenes

    What goes on behind the scenes is where the real benefit lies. We offer the professional Agent a huge array of customization tools and tweaks to insure that your marketing fits your needs, not ours.

    Realtor.com: distribute your presentations to the world's largest Real Estate website with one click.
    Trulia and Zillow: automatic distribution to these and other heavy-hitter national Real Estate websites.
    Facebook: the world's most popular social networking site is a powerful marketing tool. One click gets your presentation link there. We are also one of the few companies that can embed a Virtual Tour scene directly onto the Facebook page. Again, with just one click.
    Mobile Website: every presentation comes with a mobile website as well! We provide you with the QR Code (smart phone users scan these) that you can use in your print marketing.
    Live Chat: Free live chat on every page of your presentation. Talk directly to potential homebuyers while they are looking at your site. Even direct the chat to your instant messenging service on your smart phone so you never miss a lead. Talk about lead generation!
    "Send to a friend" link: homebuyers can email their friends and you get notified of the to and from addresses right away. Leads as hot as they come!
    Viewer Statistics: who is looking at your listings? How did they find out about it? Where do they live? What pages are they looking at? We track it all, by day!
    Unbranded Presentation: need an unbranded presentation for those finicky MLS services? You got it!
    Click and drag Photos: rearrange your online photos and Virtual Tour scenes by clicking and dragging. No tedious renumbering!
    Email Blast: Email your listing information to hundreds - even thousands - of Real Estate Professionals in your MLS area.
    Add titles and captions: give all, some, or none of your photos titles and captions.
    Add audio: give your presentation some sound! Choose from our extensive audio library or upload your own. Even record your voice right on our website and personally talk to the users.
    Add video: have a nice video you'd like potential homebuyers to see? Add it!
    Turn tabs on and off: is the Walk-Score not something you want to advertise for a particular property? Turn it off! All presentation tabs can be activated or inactivated at will.