Often, you've only got one shot to make an impression. Our presentations have more links to explore, more information to provide, and higher resolution pictures to view. We provide more so that the potential homebuyer spends more time looking at your listing.

  • What the homebuyer sees

    Live Chat: Free live chat on every page of your presentation. Talk directly to potential homebuyers while they are looking at your site. Even direct the chat to your instant messenging service on your smart phone so you never miss a lead. Talk about lead generation!
    Photographs: homebuyers see three different photo presentations.
    Maps: Google shows roadmaps, satellite maps, terrain maps, and even a 3D view!
    Neighbor Walk Score: what's in the neighborhood, take a virtual walk around.
    School information: what schools are close, how do they rate? Choose from three different school information sources.
    "Send to a friend" link: homebuyers can email their friends (and you get notified immediately!)
    Weather information: what's the current weather at the property?
    Mortgage calculator: homebuyers can calculate their mortgage costs.
    State Mortgage Rates: what are the current mortgage rates?
    MLS sheets and brochures: upload additional information for the homebuyer, they can download it right from the presentation.
    Facebook and Twitter: homebuyers can easily "like" and tweet from the presentation page.
    Virtual Tours: if you've had us take your photos, homebuyers see a number of real 360 degree tour scenes (available on the Colorado Front Range and Cheyenne, WY).
    Your other listings: all your other listings show up for them to see!