Listing Photography

Available on the Colorado Front Range.

Photos shoots usually available with 24-48 hour notice.

Digital delivery always on the same day the photos are taken. You'll receive two sets: Web-ready for MLS, and Large format for print marketing.

Single-property website included free for members (and non-members who order Virtual Tour Scenes).

Virtual Tour samples:
14360 Summer Glen Grove
11005 Huntsman Rd
565 Wycliffe Dr

Email or call Les at 719.650.5623 for more information.

Travel fee may apply north of I-70 and south of Fountain

Product Price Member price Details Time on site
Still Photos $129 $109 Still photos taken with a wide angle lens. Photos are processed using a 'flash-ambient' method, often combining 3 or more shots into one final photo. Free 'blue sky replacements' on those cloudy days. 45-75 minutes
Still Photos
  (3,000+ sq/ft)
$159 $139 60-90 minutes
Drone photos $129 $109 Depending on the property size, usually 6-12+ shots. Drone photography may be restricted in certain areas (near major airports, Air Force Academy, military bases, etc.) 15-25 minutes
Drone and Stills package $249 $209 Ask for stills and drone at the same time and save!
Virtual Tour scenes $20 each $15 each 360° Virtual Tour scenes from a static point in the house. These are interactive scenes (use the mouse to look up, down, left, right- see sample links above) processed from a set of individual shots. 15-20 minutes

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