Listing Photography

Available on the Colorado front range.

Photos shoots usually available with 24-48 hour's notice.

Digital delivery always on the same day the photos are taken. You'll receive two sets: Web-ready for MLS, and Large format for print marketing. Members receive discount on pricing.

Single-property website included free for members (and non-members who order Virtual Tour Scenes).

Virtual Tour samples:
8198 Chasewood Loop
6110 Gemfield Dr
1598 Collins Rd

Email or call Les at 719.650.5623 for more information and pricing.

Product Details Time on site
Unlimited Stills Unlimited still photos (whatever the property needs), taken with a wide angle lens. Still photos are processed using a 'flash-ambient' method, often combining 2 or more shots into one final photo. 45-75 minutes
Virtual Tour package Includes still photos and up to 4 360° Virtual Tour scenes. These are interactive scenes (use the mouse to look up, down, left, right) processed from a set of 4 shots. 60-90 minutes
Drone photos Depending on the property size, usually 6-12+ shots. Drone photography may be restricted in certain areas (near major airports, Air Force Academy, military bases, etc.) 15-25 minutes

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